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NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL research coverage.


National License (TIP) 3086 and 3035

24-Hour Service - Budget and free consultations.

"The experience in search of the TRUTH"



• Reports on fake casualties
• Reports of pre-hiring and selection of personnel,
• Absenteeism,
• Reports on duplication of employment and skills
• Observation about employees,
• Psychological reports,
• Reports on work performance and productivity
• Break of professional secrecy
• Systematic and permanent verification of periods of temporary disability by their employees
• Provision of witness and graphic evidence
• Ratification before the Courts of the Social

PRIVATE INVESTIGATION (Individual and family)

• Observations and reports on people
• Searches of people, objects, registrations in registers,
  archives or others
• Household leaks of minors
• Specific or general background
• Doubtful behaviors and verification of possible drug addiction
• Infidelities, separations, divorces
• Documents forgery
• Calligraphic Peritations
• Threat investigation


• Business activity information
• Control of commercial sales network
• Control of commercial distributors
• Market studies
• Observation on high-level executives


• Bankruptcy, suspension of payments and lifting of assets
• Financial situation of companies
• Investigation into financial insolvencies
• Technical, professional and economic capacity of individuals and commercial firms
• Information prior to executive attachments
• Location of homes and goods
• Economic responsibility towards third parties


• Non-uniformed surveillance services at fairs, congresses, hotels,  exhibitions, large shopping centers or areas
• Counter-surveillance services
• Location and destruction of hidden microphones
• Detection of wiretaps
• Industrial counter-espionage
• Selective identification


• Traffic reports.

• Accident reconstruction.


• Calligraphic Experts

• Analysis of signatures

• Text analysis


To begin our detectives, they will receive the client, being the free consultation, he exposes his problems and we give him solutions and approximate costs.


Once the client entrusts us with the work, we request different information about the object of the detective investigation: photographs, addresses, vehicles, schedules, etc. of people to follow. After signing the contract to provide services and contribute a certain amount as a provision of funds, we initiated the investigation of private detectives.


-The client is always informed when the investigations are carried out and their cost, authorizing or not the detective to perform them.


-The client as a general rule knows that detective is conducting the investigation and will have his mobile phone that can call at any time to be interested in the matter.


The private detective informs the client directly and not through third parties, so he has the information first hand and can ask for details that only the detective who is doing the investigation knows.

Once the work is finished, a report is issued with the details of the investigations carried out by our detectives in Albacete, as well as the results obtained. In the same report are attached photographs or documents that reinforce the private detective's demonstrations accompanied by the video recordings that have been made.

Finally, if necessary and the client requests it, the professional who carried out the investigation could go to trial to ratify the report, giving more weight to it.

"Only extra costs are charged if they are essential for the investigation of our detectives, eg: if the detective has to enter a restaurant or premises where you have to pay an entry or consumption to make recordings (business meetings in restaurants, tickets in nightclubs, etc.) And always with the prior authorization of the client .. "


We are a team of professionals dedicated to providing probative information for the resolution and prevention of conflicts of both professional and personal nature, so that you can with the information provided take the appropriate decision.


Our clients range from private and public entities, to individuals passing through national, multinational, mutual and insurance companies, as well as law firms, where our work in resolving tests is key for them.


We prepare expert reports that we ratify before the courts, our values being the maximum discretion and effectiveness in the services provided.

Detectives Asociados is an innovative company with extensive experience in private investigation, in our team we have specialists in criminological, forensic and computer science areas.


Our detective agency in Albacete is registered in the illustrious school of the Valencian community with the number 269, we are specialized in resolving clarify and ratify evidence, a necessary part for the success of cases brought before the courts by law firms.


Our quality and our price are unbeatable, we are at your disposal and always at the service of the truth.


We have Private Detectives Licenses issued by the Ministry of the Interior.


What defines us:

Our 4 work pillars

Professionalism          Discretion             Efficiency            Commitment


Detectives Asociados as well as being a member of the Official Association of Private Detectives of the Valencian Community (CODPCV), is also part of the Association of Private Security Companies of Albacete (AESAB).



Detectives Asociados AB 

Please, you can make your questions by completing the following form and we will contact you as soon as possible:

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In compliance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data ("LOPD"), we inform you that personal data and information that incorporates the electronic form enabled for this purpose and all the documentation that you send us in electronic or paper format ("Data"), will be incorporated into a personal data file owned by DETECTIVES ASOCIADOS AB, SC. ​​The purpose of the processing of your Data is to process your request for contact or request for services.


The completion of the email address fields implies your express consent to receive communications, via email or SMS for the purposes described above.


You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation in DETECTIVES ASOCIADOS AB, S.C.,  in the e-mail address:

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